Alan Coull

Full Day Drawing Workshop

Part of the Across the Bridge Festival

Sunday, 4 Oct, 9am – 3pm

Coronation Hall – Tickets $95

Who this workshop is for: People who have always wanted to draw, or need the opportunity to get back into it.

What we will cover: Basic skills, but moving quite quickly into using our environment as subject matter. By the end of the day you will be tired 🙂

What to bring: Lots of newsprint, a drawing pad at least A3 size, pencils (including 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B), coloured pencils if you can, some charcoal sticks, a pencil sharpener.

Timing: This is a 5.5 hour practical and theoretical workshop. We will take a short break for lunch – please bring your own lunch. 

The Black Rabbit Café is just down the road in Bannockburn if you need to pick up lunch or coffee.  There is no store in Bannockburn 

About Alan: He has been drawing and painting for most of his life and for a period of time he conducted drawing classes in Christchurch. He enjoys the teaching process and seeing people make progress and attain personal satisfaction from the creative process.

For specific questions on the workshop email thomascoull@gmail.com Places are limited so book early/