Alan Coull

Drawing Workshop

Part of the Across the Bridge Festival

Sunday, 6 October, 1pm

Coronation Hall – Tickets $30

Bring the materials – pad, pencils, etc – you work with and prepare for a hands-on class to improve and enhance your drawing talent. Please bring paper – A3 size is good – it does not have to be fine quality.  You’ll also need a selected of pencils – suggest HB, 2B, 4B and 8B, and if you have charcoal, bring that too.

All levels of experience most welcome.

“I’ve drawn all my life it seems”, says Alan

While working as a lawyer by day, he has taught life drawing for years.  He has participated in four joint exhibitions and had one solo exhibition – all very successful.

Alan is an energetic and astute teacher, and he will certainly entertain you for the afternoon.

During the festival, Allan will also be in the debate, facilitating the open mic, and exhibiting in the Artists of Bannockburn woolshed exhibition.  We’ll be keeping him busy!