ACE ’24 will take place:

Friday, 1 March – Sunday, 3 March 2024, Bowling Club, Alpha Street, Cromwell

The online application form will be available from 1 Dec.

New exciting things for the 2024 show! We have a new venue offering us even more space to highlight the creatives of our region. ACE will be iin the large hall of the Bowling Club on Alpha Street.

In addition to the main ACE Exhibition area of the show there will be a Presentation Gallery of items NFS (not for sale). Items in the main Exhibition must be for sale. Each artist is allowed to enter a total of 3 pieces, at least one (1) of which must be for sale.

The NFS Gallery will be in a separate space to the Exhibition entries.

The Exhibition Shops are returning and open only to those artists displaying in the main Exhibition. These shops will be limited in number.

Demonstration Artisans will continue. Any exhibiting artist is invited to sit and work on their craft within the opening hours of ACE (eg. textile work, painting, drawing, hand woodwork, etc).

Open only to Otago residents.

All exhibition areas will be selected from all of the entries, this is to ensure that there is enough space for each individual piece and artist to stand out.

The submission fee is $25 and is non-refundable. This will enable you and one other to attend the soirée on Friday evening.

Our wall and shop space is limited. There will be size limitations for all entries.

All of the work in the Exhibition must be for sale. ACE ’24 is a Cash & Carry show. We encourage you to look at your Exhibition and Gallery piece(s) as your best works. In the shop you can offer smaller and “simpler” items.

We want to showcase not only experienced artists but also creatives of all ages who have never exhibited before. We want to broaden the interpretation of creative art by including a wide variety of categories.


Friday 1 Dec 2023: Online applications open.

Friday 16 Feb 2024: Applications close. This date is final and non-negotiable.

By Wednesday 21 Feb: Selection results will be announced. We will email you to let you know what has been selected for the show (Exhibition and Gallery), and also if you are in the Shop.

Thursday 29 Feb, 7:30am – 10am: Drop Off of all works and items at the Bowling Club.

Friday 1 March: Exhibition opens at 10am. Evening soirée & award ceremony.

Sunday 3 March, late afternoon – time tbd: Collection of Work and shop items if unsold by the artists.


1) Entry fee is $25 and is non refundable regardless of selection into the exhibition. 

2) All artwork must be original and sole work of the artist. Exhibition work has to have been made within the last 2 years. No time restrictions for Gallery work.

3) You are allowed to enter up to 3 pieces of varied size. The maximum display area of all 3 pieces cannot exceed 1m2 (one metre square). At least one (1) of these pieces MUST be for sale.

4) The selection and hanging decisions made by our panel are final and no discussion will be entered into. There is no guarantee that all of your pieces will be accepted, or displayed together.

5) Open only to Otago residents.

7) 2D work must be suitably mounted ready for hanging and not have protruding screws.  

8) If specialist hanging / display equipment is required this is to be provided by the artist and delivered with the work.

9) Wet work or non-compliance of conditions may mean work is not displayed.  

10) Commission of 20% per item sold. All work in the Exhibition is for sale. 

11) All unsold work must be collected during the specified collection time slots. Uncollected work will incur an admin fee of $20.

12) All unsold artworks must remain in the exhibition until event closure.

13) No personal advertising allowed on display in the exhibition auditorium.


1) Selling in the Exhibition Shop is only open to those artists Exhibiting in ACE ’24. This is an optional extra.

2) The opening hours of the exhibition shop are the same as ACE ’24.

3) Space is limited. Each artist has ca. 1.25m x .75m shop space (one half table).

4) Acceptance and inclusion to the shop is on a first come first serve basis to paid entrants to ACE ’24.

5) ACE will take a 20% commission off all items sold.

6) You must be the owner of both the exhibition piece(s) and the shop inventory, though they need not be in the same category. No extra inventory can be kept on site, i.e. under tables or in back rooms.

7) The actual shop area is within the ACE hall, Arts Central staff are on site. The shop owner is responsible for their shop and maintaining inventory, and carry all risks. The shop owner does not personally man their shop.

8) ACE will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.

9) All items must be clearly labelled with your individual shop number and price. Unlabelled items will not be sold.

10) Absolutely no individual shop signage, banners or posters allowed. Business cards and/or info is allowed within your table area.