Photography Workshop with Celia Walmsley

Everyone’s a Photographer Until M (manual)!

Part of the Across the Bridge Festival

Sunday, 4 Oct, 9am – 3pm

Coronation Hall – Tickets $95

Got a fancy camera that’s still in Auto or Program?  Still using your phone because you don’t know how to use your camera?  Want to take your photography up a notch and create eye catching or artistic photographs rather than snapshots? This workshop is all about stepping up your photography by understanding and using the manual controls on your camera.

Who this workshop is for:

Beginner and intermediate photography enthusiasts with a camera you want to learn how to use betterSuited for people with a DSLR camera or camera with manual controls.

What we will cover:

  • Finding and understanding the manual controls on your camera
  • Light, light, light
  • Aperture, shutter speed and ISO camera settings
  • Practical hands-on exercises throughout
  • Depth of field
  • White balance
  • Composition and the rule of thirds
  • Famous Artist examples
  • Analysing photographs to understand light and controls used
  • Demonstration of how post processing in Photoshop Lightroom and/or Photoshop can enhance your photographs
  • Different genre of photography
  • Feedback and review

What to bring:

  • Your camera, lenses, batteries and cards (check your batteries are charged)
  • Your camera’s MANUAL.  If you can’t find it you can download it from the internet before the workshop
  • Flash if you have one 
  • Laptop and cable, if you have one
  • Card reader and cable
  • A couple of examples of your own favourite photographs. These can be on your phone, other device or on paper.  It doesn’t matter how recent or old they are
  • A couple of examples of photographs that you have not taken but that you aspire to.  These can be by your favourite photographers or unknown
  • Pen and paper
  • Lunch

Jacket as we will work outside, weather permitting

Timing: This is a 5.5 hour practical and theoretical workshop.

About Celia:

Celia is a professional photographer specialising in dance, performing arts, portraiture, headshots, personal branding, weddings and events.  She comes from a family of professional photographers and has been photographing all her life. Celia has photographed many of the worlds greats dance companies and is one of the official photographers for the Royal New Zealand Ballet.  She holds a Master of Fine Arts. Her artwork centres primarily on collaborations with dancers and choreographers and the genre of ‘Still/Moving’ – the relationship between still and moving images. Celia’s work is exhibiting in the Artists of Bannockburn exhibition at Cairnmuir Woolshed, Cairnmuir Road Friday 9 to Sunday 11 Oct 2020. 

Check out www.stagebox.co.nz

For specific questions on the workshop email celia@stagebox.co.nz

Places are limited so book early.