Friday’s Flock

Part of the Across the Bridge Festival

Wed 2 Oct & Thurs 3 Oct, 7:00pm

Coronation Hall – Tickets $40 (Early bird $35)

Taking place in a café-like setting, tickets include table platters. Cash bar available

A one man play by Reihana & Karla Haronga

Fridays see the regulars flock to town for supplies, sales and a good yarn. Inspired by the stories and personalities of the rural community – a community you might find sitting in the local café of any small town in New Zealand.

Performing solo, Reihana Haronga performs all characters in this performance.  The last performance Feilding saw Reihana is was “Purapurawhetu” as Matawera, a role that won him Best Actor. Since then, Reihana has been busy directing and producing various productions as part the Te Pūanga Whakaari team, most recently the “Prince Seth and the Princess” series for Centrepoint Theatre. Reihana trained professionally as an Actor before then training as a teacher.

“I set myself the challenge to devise this piece before Christmas, after my theatre mates said “it’s your turn”. They had all devised solo shows in the last couple of years and passed the challenge to me. I fell in love with the building and its history and what it represented. When my mate Jamil took over Saleyards Café, it was his passion for the place that inspired me to want to put something on in there. It was small, and intimate and full of history. When we went there for lunch, the characters and the people were already there and unique to that particular building. The story developed from there.”

Karla Haronga is probably best known for her work at FAHS Feilding High School where she has won numerous awards in the NZ Theatre Federation One Act Play Festivals; winning the Book of Honour three times in total. Her work for Te Pūanga includes writing and directing the “Prince Seth and the Princess” series for Centrepoint Theatre, and devising and performing in “Mums: The Word” at the Darkroom in 2014.

“I love devising – especially when I’m on the directing side.  The challenge with this piece is obviously that Reihana is playing all the characters. It is a privilege to work alongside and support him in finding the voices for each of them – he’s got some great stories to tell.  The space itself presents some exciting opportunities with such a distinctive crowd and lifestyle associated with it.  That is what site-specific drama does – it explores the stories that belong to the site.  What I love about it this piece is it could be stories you’d hear sitting in any rural communities’ “local”.”

See where the story started…..