Do you have an idea for an arts related project or event floating around in your head?

But need a few dollars to help turn it into a reality?

May be Arts Central can help you.

We partner with the Central Lakes Trust in providing grants at the grassroots level for any and all forms of artistic expression. 

Be it painting using oil, acrylic, pigments, dyes or inks that you wish to brush on, smear, dab or splash. Or a creation you intended shaping or sculpturing using clay, stone, ceramics, metals or woods. You could be in the running for a grant

But literature might be your thing meaning your dream could include poetry, plays, biographies, fiction, non-fiction or satire.

Cinema may not have the length of history as other art forms but movies or clips fully engage our audible and visual senses. Like literature, movies tell a story, but they do so with both spoken word, visual art and more. What could you do with a small grant to get you started?

Music takes many forms. It can use the human voice, instruments or both. And it has many genres and styles include everything from classical to gospel, rock, pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic, blues, country, reggae, indie, trap, reggaeton, folk, metal, punk, soul, funk, techno, and many more.

And of course, there is theatre combining both visual art and dramatic performance. The traditional classifications of theatre: drama, tragedy, and comedy, still apply but the broader performing arts include dance, music, opera, circus arts, musicals, magic or illusion, mime, spoken word and puppetry. 

There must be something in all of this that “is me”. Now what to do. Pick up that phone and call Peter Mead 027 445 1266, our first contact person for this Central Lakes Trust funded scheme which we run locally. Talk to him about your dream. He will help you and steer you right on a myriad of general matters.

For more information on CLASS click here.

HERE is a PDF of the application form with guidelines.