Les Riddell: Jewellery

Part of the New Art @ Old Cromwell

Monday 8 March & Tuesday 9 March – 2 days

Objects of Art, Old Cromwell, $150 plus materials ($35 – $50, can vary)

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Make your own piece of jewellery. Explore gravity and centrifugal casting in precious metals. Be prepared to carve wax, use fire and get dirty. Old silver jewellery may be melted down for use.

The cost of materials used (likely to be in the $35 – $50 range depend on the choice of precious metals used) are in addition to fee for attending the workshop.

NOTE: LIMITED SEATS! Participants will gather at the venue from 9:15 onwards ready for a 9:30 am start. Workshops finish at 3:30pm followed by an informal half hour to view work at the Arts & Crafts Clubrooms.