The Keys are in the Margarine

Part of the Across the Bridge Festival

Friday, 4 October, 7:30pm

Coronation Hall, Bannockburn – Adults $25, SuperGold $20, Student/Child $5

Dementia and Alzheimers affects many New Zealand families. It’s a condition none of us can ignore. This play is created from interviews with people with direct experience of the disease: caregivers, family members, doctors, and support workers. Their stories communicate the effect dementia has on the lives of people living with the disease and everyone around them.

In performance, the actors re-enact those interviews. With the audio playing in their ears, they relay the original words, and how those words were spoken. Every vocal inflexion, intonation, and hesitation, as well as the physical gestures and facial expressions. The play interweaves hilarity with heartbreak to poignant effect, while providing deep insight into what it means to be human.

And while the stories of those with dementia describing the onset and gradual changes to their lives, such as not remembering things, is touching, but also sometimes funny, it is the effect on family members, especially partners, that comes out from this show the strongest.

Programm, 75 min, no interval

Research and written by Cindy Diver, Susie Lawless, Stuart Young 
Directed by Cindy Diver and Stuart Young

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